New Weekly Rest & Restore Yoga Classes


It has been a long time coming, but after lots of workshops and MANY requests, we now have a weekly Rest & Restore Yoga Class.

Modern life is busy and very few of us get the rest we need, both physically and emotionally. Our bodies need time and space daily to detoxify and repair. Most of us only really give ourselves that time and space when we sleep, and for many of us, a good nights sleep is rare. Our minds also need that time to restore. We need quiet time to take ourselves out of the rat race and bring our attention and intention back to ourselves.

For those who have never tried a Restorative Yoga class or workshop, Restorative Yoga is exactly as it sounds, restful and restorative to the body. Postures are modified and supported to allow the body to completely relax. This form of yoga is designed to cultivate energy and heal the body rather than taking away from our energy systems. This practise will help to slow the mind and body down, generating awareness and inner peace.

We are extremely excited to have this gentle practise starting, and we can’t wait to see you relaxing in class.