Stretch and Flexibility

Stretch and Flexibility is available for one on one consultations and group classes. Each session is tailored to its students with an ever evolving range of movements and deep stretching, trigger point release and mobility drills to build your flexibility, ease of movement, prevent injury and relieve pain. Each class and consultation will include partner work and assisted stretching using a variety of props and supports to allow you to move deeper into the stretch and receive the maximum benefit.


Open Level (Vinyasa) Flow is a dynamic practise created to synchronise the movement of the body with the rhythm of the breath. The creative and intelligent sequencing of postures will help you build strength, flexibility, balance, and focus. Your body learns through sensation and each Vinyasa Flow class will challenge your body and nervous system with new sensations so you walk away from class uplifted, energised, and balanced.


Alignment and Basics is the perfect class for those who are new to yoga or are looking for a refresher to bring your awareness back into your practise. Each class is designed to take you through the foundations of the yoga asanas (postures) and their alignment whilst incorporating focus on your breath and a calm steady mind. These classes will teach you to bring awareness and confidence to your practise.


Rest and Restore Yoga is exactly as it sounds, restful and restorative to the body. All postures are modified and supported to allow the body to relax whilst passive stretching. This form of yoga is designed to cultivate energy and heal the body rather than taking away from our energy systems. This practise will help to slow the mind and body down, generating awareness and inner peace.

Health and Lifestyle Coaching

Our personalised one on one coaching is designed to explore key lifestyle factors and develop easy to follow programs to increase vitality, decrease stress and create the body and mind of your dreams. We will guide you in understanding why every meal, every movement / training session and every late night has a hormonal consequence. We will provide you with tools and guidance to implement positive changes and create a healthy lifestyle.

Corporate / Group Classes, Workshops and Education Sessions

Our specialised team offer tailored corporate and group classes, workshops and education sessions designed to suit your group needs. Workshops can be held both in-house at our purpose built studio or offsite at the location of your choice. Each workshop is tailored specially for the audience to ensure the maximum benefit. For further information contact us today.