Our Team


Michelle did not find yoga the usual way. She wasn’t looking for a spiritual path or to find herself, she was looking for easy non-gym exercise. After attending her first class she learnt that yoga is NOT always easy, but it IS always invigorating. From that first class Michelle was hooked and developed a regular practice. Within a few years she enrolled herself in teacher training. Which eventually led to opening of a yoga studio alongside her partner in crime, Mark who was already running a training studio. Together they have created Encompass Movement and Yoga as it is today.

Whilst yoga will always be her first love, Michelle has not only continued her learning in yoga practices, but has diversified her knowledge and teaching practice into many different areas of health, movement, strength training and personal development. She is passionate about working with students to help them move, breath, and feel the best they can feel, whilst keeping a fun and playful approach to their practice.

Michelle’s training started with the fun and dynamic style of Matthew Bergan of Dancing Warrior Yoga, and has continued with Bryan Kest, Donna Farhi, the Chek Institute, Kit Laughlin of Stretch Therapy, and many more.

When not in the studio Michelle loves to cook, spend time with family and friends (which of course incudes the dogs), take care of her many, many plants and be creative.


Mark…Old Mate, is the original founder of Encompass, back when it was Encompass Health and Fitness. Mark started his career in health and fitness as a Personal Trainer at one of the major gyms. Over time he realised that his passion was not just fitness, but HEALTH, then fitness.

His passion for health led him to take a different route than the usual trainer. Mark threw himself into learning from the best of the best in the industry and becoming a living example of what he taught his clients. He has studied under Paul Chek, Kit Laughlin, StrongFirst and many more. His mission is to get his clients moving well and without pain, and has taken on many a client who have been able to turn their bodies around with his help.

Mark is also a character. He is fun loving, proper goofy and young at heart which always provides a good laugh in class. Whilst Mark is not part of our yoga teaching team, he is beyond knowledgeable about yoga having a 20+ year yoga practise himself. And of course, he is the other half of Encompass Movement and Yoga.

At home Mark loves his time with his house and garden projects, researching almost anything and everything you can think of, and of course the dogs!


Lains started as student here at Encompass at the wee age of 18. She came to her first ever yoga class with us back in December 2016, and didn’t really love yoga straight away. In her words: she “totally sucked” at it, fumbled her way through like a baby giraffe, held her breath a lot, and felt really “stuck” in her head.

Lains was also pretty sick at the time, battling anxiety, panic and eating disorders silently through most of her teenage years. She was always the “loud and funny” one in school, but underneath her protective mechanisms she was afraid and overwhelmed. So, understandably, she felt like she could never relax.

But despite all her human-ness at play, a little voice inside of her whispered; “maybe just try one more class”. That one more class turned in to another, then another… aaand before she knew it, she was well and truly on a yoga journey.

Here’s what Lains has to say about yoga: “Yoga gives me the tools to not only cope, but thrive in my human + spiritual experience. Yoga has helped me navigate the lowest of low points in my life. Not only have I restored literally every aspect of my health, but I’ve fallen in love with life again. It makes me emotional, thinking about how much I resented living before this. Talk about a full-180!

Fast forward to today, she now teaches with us! Lains completed her Yoga Teacher Training with Sukha Mukha Yoga back in August 2021, quit her full-time desk job, and is living her best life teaching yoga + ecstatic dance for a living. You can find Lains on Instagram at: @theliberationplayground


Kimba is the little old lady of the studio and has been with us from day 1! She is the sweetest little old lady that ever was, and loves to have a nap through a good yoga session. She can be found curled up on her bed in the corner of the studio most days, waiting for everyone to shower her with love, pats, and the occasional treat. She may still even bang out a good downward dog on occasion… although this was her party trick mostly in her younger years.

She is a gentle old soul who just loves everyone, and if you hear snoring throughout your classes… there is a good chance that its from her.

Kimba is an English Stafforshire Bull Terrier and a perfect example of just how beautiful this often misunderstood breed can be. She is also responsible for the rescue of more than 1 other dogs after people have fallen in love with her, and then the breed.


Narla is the baby of the studio. She found us in 2020 (yes that’s right… THAT year) as a fat itchy little girl looking for home #3 and a family that would take good care of her forever. From the first day we fell in love with her and made it our mission to give her the life she deserves.

She is super cheeky and food OBSESSED, but she is also the most loving and excited little companion you could ask for. She’s a little delicate as she still has sensitive skin due to lots of allergies, but if you are keen to make a friend we can provide you with some of her special treats to give her. Once you give her food, she’ll be your friend for life.

You will find Narla in the studio most of the time (unless she has gone home with Daddy for dinner). She share’s herself between the yoga studio and training studio. If she happens to join your yoga class, she will play a little before class, then chill out in her little bed by the windows until relaxation… then she will try to sit with you for a cuddle.

Narla is also an English Staffordshire Bull Terrier, but she is a tiny one! Half the size of most staffy’s she is a little pocket rocket and is often carried around by us like a baby.


Lulu first happened upon yoga at the gym she trained at 12 years ago. Having fell in love with yoga and the physical challenge, her yoga practice was put on hold after moving overseas. Lulu has rekindled her passion for yoga in the last few years, attending Michelle Alexander’s classes at Encompass. This time Lulu connected to the benefits of the complete practice. Discovering the positive effects of integrating the breath, and the meditative aspects of yoga, which helps her cope with the rush of everyday life. Wanting to continue that learning, Lulu completed her yoga teacher training with Nicole Walsh and Rod Galbraith at InYoga in Surry Hills, with a strong focus on the full practice. Lulu enjoys sharing a relaxing and insightful space in which to teach Yoga fundamentals.

Along with Yoga, Lulu loves spending time with her Husband, Pomeranian fur baby named Honey, cooking, and drinking Matcha tea.


Tracey’s professional background is Social Work, with over 30 years experience in Health. Personally, she brings a gentle, compassionate nature.
Health challenges prompted Tracey to dig deeper to find the healing she was seeking. What unfolded was the discovery of the amazing healing power of sound, especially the voice. Tracey completed a Certificate in Sound Healing in 2016, followed by a Diploma of Group Sound Healing in 2018.
On this journey, Tracey has become passionate about the power of sound to heal and transform, to deeply relax, harmonise, balance and restore — on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. The benefits are amazing!
Tracey is keen to share this modality with people seeking relaxation, especially those who may find it difficult to meditate. The sounds, vibrations & frequencies of sound healing speak to the cells in our bodies, bringing alignment, irrespective of the mind chatter!