Persian Yoga – Introductory Workshop


Persian Yoga™ is a martial arts strength conditioning system used by ancient knights and warriors as well as contemporary and current Olympic and World champion wrestlers. In its country of origin, Iran, Persian Yoga™ is known as Pahlavāni. It is more than a system of conditioning. It is a way of life.

Pahlavāni has been shrouded in mystery for many many years…women were not allowed to practice it, and only a select few were initiated into this secretive art. Our special guest and instructor Kashi has been breaking down these barriers and for the first time opening the doors to this old world physical art form.

Persian Yoga™ is holistic yet uncomplicated in its approach; it is a complete integrated form of exercise that uses tools, like the Shena™ (push-up boards), Meel™ (Persian clubs), Sang™ (shields) and Kabbadeh™ (steel bow), to provide increased resistance and neurological input during circular multiplanar movements under load. It is a systematic, fluid and demanding, yet simple and approachable, practice that integrates specific routines and exercises which focus on developing all of the physical skills required by any martial artist and those who pursue total fitness. It is simple, yet not easy.

Join us to for our 2 hour introduction to the ancient art of Persian Yoga™.

This workshop will be hosted by special guest Kashi Asad. Kashi has spent his life in training, competing and coaching, and is a martial artist at heart. Kashi is a certified group exercise (Cert III) trainer, boxing coach with 18 years of teaching experience, Master of Electrical Engineering, MBA graduate, and Chiropractor.

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$50 per person

Reservation for Persian Yoga Workshop
Unit 9, 84-90 Old Bathurst Road, Emu Heights NSW 2750 (get directions)