Kundalini Yoga Workshop


In this half-day workshop, we’ll be focusing on de-stressing the physical self, releasing the anxiety created through our fears of impermanence and need to control. Using the ancient techniques of Kundalini yoga kriya, meditation, & the primordial sounds of the sacred naad (mantra) to tap into the energy of May, the physical body and the Dharma of the number 5

When we are too busy, stressed, we lose the ability to listen to the body and thus lose the capacity to access the doorway to our sacredness, the doorway to our unlimited self, and the doorway to the magic of life.

Our physical body, the densest body, it’s the pathway to the subtle body, our most delicate self. It’s our physical body, the 5th body, which is constantly communicating with us, it’s the vehicle in which we experience this life.

Come immerse yourself on a journey of true self, (Sat Nam) access your inner peace, rediscover the magic of life & divinity that lies within us all.

Hosted by the amazing Nirvair Devi who has recently returned from the  home of yoga.

Bookings are Essential prior for the workshop. ~ To Pre book click on link Below.

Sunday 5th May 2019, 9.00am – 12.00pm

$70 per person