Introduction to Yoga Workshop


Interested in yoga, but wanting to start at the very beginning? Our Introduction to Yoga 3-hour workshop might be just the thing you are after.
Designed to give you a comprehensive introduction to this amazing 5000-year-old tradition that has taken the world by storm.

During our workshop will be introduced to:
• The history of yoga and it’s foundations
• Mindfulness practises to take you out of the rat race and into calm
• Breath awareness and control
• Yoga postures to help you build strength, tone muscle, improve flexibility, balance, and focus
• How to modify postures to work around injuries or suit your body better
• How to work with yoga props
• Deep relaxation

You can enjoy a safe and supportive environment where you can ask questions, get feedback from an experienced teacher, and have fun. This workshop will give you the basic knowledge and confidence you need to join yoga class and start your yoga journey.

 Saturday 27th March 2021

2.00pm – 5.00pm (includes refreshments)

$75 per person

Reservation for Introduction to Yoga Workshop
Unit 9, 84-90 Old Bathurst Road, Emu Heights NSW 2750 (get directions)